‘Harp On’ New Termite Jam Session!

Yo, Im back yet again with another wee video for Termites Worldwide Jam!

The Jam is a Competition on Steemit that anyone with a Steemit account can enter, and there are Crypto-Prizes! Ive won a good few rounds so far, just last week I won 3.00 SBD which is worth like $15 last time I checked! Not bad at all! Haha

Heres my entry for Round 26!!


You think Ill win this week? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to get involved with the Jam, hit the link below and set-up your free Steemit account and start earning Cryto-Currency! Or you can just check out Termites other stuff, like Beat Tapes and other MCs entries to the Jam!!

Termite On Steemit!

Once again, thanks for reading! Have a look about if you want, Ive got tonnes of music on here! haha


-Willy G 



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