Subliminal Dissing in Hip Hop

Subliminal Disses, when an MC takes a shot at someone on a record, without mentioning their name. Its an interesting phenomenon. Ive been largely ignorant of it up until recently. I began watching Youtube Videos about Beefs in the Game the other week, and it made me think more about it.

You know, you hear things, as an MC , and you wonder. Was that about me? or Who was that line dissing? Ive had it happen to me before, where it sounded like MCs were maybe taking shots at me, but since I wasnt sure, I just let it slide. They didnt mention my name, so I couldnt be sure.

But since Ive learned of this subliminal dissing shit, Im wondering, how many MCs have taken subliminal shots at me and got away with it? I guess Ill have to inquire about any lines I hear that I think might be aimed at me. With Paranoid Schizophrenia, itll probably be a lot!

I have done it unintentionally before. I have written a rhyme, uploaded it , put it out, only to realize that Im ripping someone to bits, that I didnt even consciously think about while writing the damn thing! I was just dissin an imaginary foe, I thought. Its a very strange thing, the world of subliminal disses.

Hip Hop is about battling with words, rather than fists. But if you diss someone, theyre probably going to want to fight, so its gotten all fucked up. When you think about it, In the genre of Gangsta Rap, if an MC puts out a record dissing another artist, the beef that ensues could get really dangerous!

Its a big part of the whole scene. Ive been battling Schizophrenia for a decade though, so I havent had time to think about these things amidst hospital admissions and psychotic episodes and all. But now that I am aware of it, I am certainly going to make sure my rhymes reflect this knowledge.

If you know of anyone taking shots at me in their rhymes, dont hesitate to contact me on here and let me know, so I can subliminally rip them a new asshole! Haha.

Thanks for reading. 

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-Willy G