Tonnes of New Freestyles!!

I just dropped shitloads of new videos!! Ive got them all here in one place for you to check out.  I be entering competitions so that why Im doing so much vids in such a short time. Check them out below:

Breathe Freestyle:

I went for some real talk on this one, reflecting on my rap career back in the day when it was popping off and I was getting on radio and all. Schizophrenia hit, and wreaked havoc on my life. In the afermath, I feel like Ive wasted 10 years battling this Mental Illness. Time to get my life back together.

Just Don’t Give a Fuck!

A fellow MC called Geechidan is holding a contest on Steemit, called Jackin for Beats. He announces an artist each week, and your mission is to spit a verse on one of the artists beats of your choosing. I really want to win, so I really went in with this one!!

Worldwide Lignuistics (Experimental)

I heard an MC from Aukland who collaborated with Steve Loc recently switching his accent up, into different areas. It sounded dope, so natually I wanted to experiment with that style too! I used accents from America, London, Dublin and Cork and tried to weave them into the verse. Some words that wouldnt usually rhyme can be used when your doing this. Its experimental, and I would like to know what you think of it so dont hesitate to leave a comment!

Its the Flu

Steemit Open Mic offers a first prize of 300 SBD , which is worth something like £1,000 I think !! I had to enter it, and I really want to win this shit!! So I went into overdrive with the flow, putting inflection and emphasis on the rhyme-schemes in hope of making something so bonkers that it wins! Ive made some money off the actual post on Steemit so far, and Ive got a comment from one of the ones that run it too. Fingers Crossed I will win this shit!!

Thats all for now, stay tuned for more Dope Hip Hop and thanks for reading!

-Willy G

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