Classics from the Past

You know those songs that just keep coming back to? You just want to hear them over and over. Maybe because of the music, maybe the lyrics, maybe both. They are classics. Well here are some classic Hip Hop tracks from the past that I personally love.

First up is R.A The Rugged Man’s awesome verse, Uncommon Valor. Originally a collaboration with Jedi Mind Tricks, he took the verse on its own and made this video for it. The verse stands alone as one of the best Hip Hop verses of all time. He is speaking from the point of view of his father, during his term served in Vietnam during the War.


What makes this verse so good isn’t just the incredible way he put the words together, with such lyrical skill, but it’s the fact that this is all true. He spits nothing but facts from beginning to end. From killing a village Elephant, to Agent Orange wreaking havoc on his siblings. I keep coming back to this verse, and it is definitely a classic.


Another tune I keep coming back to over the years is Ice Cube – Hello. He teamed up with Dr.Dre and MC Ren for an N.W.A reunion in this banger. Cube drops a sick verse over some classic Dr.Dre production. MC Ren and Dre hold their own with their verses, but Ice Cube takes the crown with his mental flow, he bodies it!


You gotta have a bit of Gangsta Rap in the Playlist now and again!

Thanks for reading.

-Willy G

Fresh Eire – Forgot about Dre Remix

Whatup readers! Steve D has been in the lab workin his hip hop sorcery over some Eminem and Dr.Dre Vocals!! He has released 2 brand new Forgot about Dre Remixes!

Have a listen below, the first one is more chilled, and is my personal favourite.

The second one is more Rock orientated, with a sick guitar coming in over the Eminem Verse!

I loved how he repositioned the vocals in the mix, to give it a fresh sound, different to the original.

Which is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks for listening

-Willy G