Who’s Killing It?(Hopsin, King Los, Royce)

I just heard this new tune called Everybodys a Bitch and it knocks!!

It features Hopsin, King Los and Royce da 59.


Hopsin really switched up his flow big-time, and I didn’t even realize it was him at first. King Los kills it, Ive only ever heard him on a freestyle on some radio show but it was fire, and now this. He is definitely a talented MC! Royce da 59 absolutely kills it with a long assed verse! Packed with dopeness, he seems to be speaking on the Joe Budden situation which Eminem mentioned on the Chloraseptic Remix.

I dont know exactly whats going on there, but Bizarre from D-12 was on YouTube chatting about Joe Budden recently, so something might happen.


Another MC whos killing it right now is Mad Squablz with this bar fight, Ive actually included a playlist of his stuff so you can see how talented this MC is.


Thats whats happenin! Thank for reading!

-Willy. G





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