Rap’s Paying Off!

On Steemit, people can upvote the videos and articles you post which causes you to earn money based on their steem power. You earn SBD or Steem Dollars. Like Bitcoin, this crypto currency is quickly rising in value. Ive been earning SBD from upvotes on my Hip Hop videos, along with winning prize money from various competitions Ive entered.

I just checked there and as of today Im worth over $80 ! I admit its not millions but its good to see Rap finally paying off! All those competition wins and upvotes really pay off over time, and this is the first $80 Ive made in the Rap Game.

In Ireland, theres not much opportunities to earn money off your skills, but Steemit shows that you really can make doe if you just give people a way of paying it to you! Im proud of my earnings and I am sure they will continue to grow the more I rap on there. After a life of barely any recognition for my rhymes, barely any income from Hip Hop, this money really is a good thing and I can now say I have some worth in the game as far as making money goes.

Im super excited for the future of Hip Hop on Steemit, with a thriving Hip Hop community, and plenty of money changing hands its bound to get even better. If your an MC and your not on there already, follow this link to my blog on there and find out how to set up an account, and get making some doe.

Scribbling WIlly G on Steemit