North West Hip Hop, Bennigans.

North West Hip Hop are putting on an event next Thursday, 21st of December in Bennigans, Derry. If your after your fix of Irish Hip Hop for Christmas, look no further.

Manchester based MC Danny Diatribe will Join Portrush Crew the DBMCs along with Belfasts Waking Android to perform alongside The DizzFunktional B.M.C , Shane Deane, Amanda Healy and 5th Ancestor.

It will be an unforgettable night, jam-packed with talent. There will be an open-mic cypher too for any MCs that want to show their skills on the microphone.

Thursday the 21st, get your ass to Bennigans!

Been Gone for a Minute…

I took a break from rap there for a month or two, but a gig coming up in Derry got me back at it again. Its a love hate relationship really. I write day and night , put out tonnes of music and get barely any recognition, and that was part of the reason I quit it for a while. I was trying to stay away from it altogether because the return is just not worth the work. But I cant seem to leave it alone at all.

I was trying to replace hip hop with a different hobby, like Writing or Astronomy. That worked for a while but I just don’t have the same passion for Writing, and Astronomy appeared to be promising but after I watched every space documentary out there and learned most of what its about, it just got boring. Along with that, this gig coming up had friends asking me to go, Eminem dropped his new album, both those things contributed to me writing some 16s for the gig so it looks like Im back at it again.

I have got tonnes of beats and people its on my to do list to work with so expect to hear some new shit soon. This Insane Beatz project will get recorded soon too now that I am equipped with some new hardware. Ive actually recorded some verses to learn off and they are sounding pretty cool. I might release one of them soon.

If you wanna hear some of this stuff, get your ass down to Bennigans in Derry next Thurday for the North West Hip Hop event.