Rap Thoughts

Ive been suffering from the Flu for the past few days. It hasnt been pleasant to say the least. But I think Im getting better now. Ive done nothing but eat painkillers, watch cartoons and sleep.

Ive noticed my new tape hasnt gotten the best response at all. Theres like 10 views on each song, but thats if you add the You Tube and Sound Cloud views together! I seem to have fucked up and lost my fan-base somehow. Its not good.

Im definitely relegating hip hop to a hobby now, theres no point in putting in tonnes of work if its getting like 10 plays really….

I do make music Id want to hear, I dont really try to conform to what an audience expects, maybe thats a bad thing, who knows! If Hip Hops a popularity contest, I dont think Im winning either for whatever reason. But that doesnt bother me.

Ill just keep doing my thing, dropping projects when I feel like it for the ten people that seem to give a shit lol.

I think I just rap because its fun and I enjoy it. But Ive been thinking for a while I might be wasting my way with words on this shit, that I should be writing instead but I dont enjoy that as much to stick at it.

Ill probably keep rapping though as I always do, because I cant seem to stop and walk away at all for some reason.

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