Mixing The Overcome Mixtape

Ill outline exactly what Im workin with here. Im recording with a Scarlett 2i2 (Pictured Above) but Ive got a Rode NT1-A Microphone. I’m recording into Ableton 9 Live Lite, then bouncing the audio files and putting them into FL Studio 11 Producer Edition, and mixing from there. Then Im bouncing the entire thing as a WAV and then converting it to MP3 in Audacity using the default presets to put on You Tube.

Ive got the levels of the microphone coming in around -12 and then just recording into Ableton. Its the Lite edition so you can only have 7 audio tracks. This means Im recording 3 verses on the same track, one take each. Then the addlibs on the next track, the chorus layer 1 on the next then layer 2 under that. And intros and outros on the next.

I have some segments where I have to record things seperately on ‘The Darkness’, such as the police officer phoning the murder victims husband to give him the news that his wife is dead, and then his reaction too, but I think I can figure out how to split the files and assign different effects to each of them in fruity loops when the time comes.

Once I have the audio recorded, I bounce every track out separately from Ableton in WAV form. The beats I have were from a free package so they are only mp3, I just leave the beat and import it fresh into FL Studio. Then I import all the Audio files and line them up, take out white noise bits wherever necessary, and assign them all individual mixer channels to put effects on them.

I just basically then Put the Fruity Limiter on the 3 verse vocals (Which has a built in Compressor) and follow a this YouTube Tutorial as far as the levels go. After that, I apply the Fruity EQ 2 and just use the preset for voice. I was applying a high pass filter and fuitiring about with the levels but this appears to sound good too. Ive seen it in another tutorial, but probably should be fuitiring about more instead. I dont really know what kind of sound Im aiming for though.

After I put the Compressor and the EQ on , thats basically it, I do the same thing to the add libs, but turn them down and add a wee tiny bit of reverb. Then I mix the 2 chorus layers on the same effects channel, applying the same EQ and Compressor and a wee bit of reverb. I dont know how to use chorus yet, but with 2 layers it sounds chorusy already.

Then thats it, except there is a limiter on the master channel thats automatically there when you open it, I dont really know or understand what levels its set at yet but it stops stuff from clipping.  I am basically a noob novice so any advice is more than welcome!

Anything I am doing wrong or should change, do differently or anything Im not doing that I should be.

Here’s the first Single off the Mixtape I mixed yesterday with this process and Ive just been repeating it on the 2 Ive recorded today. I notice when I re route the sound through the scarlett 2i2 into the headphones that its different than through the windows laptop audio jack, but Im not sure if its better or not.

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