Willy Motherfuckin G (Mixed!)

Here it is, day two of this mixing process and Ive managed to get it (Half) Mixed!


Its not bad I dont think! I just followed a You Tube tutorial I found as far as the levels go, I just replicated his doings without much variation. I EQed and Compressed the verse vocals, add libs, and hooks layer one and two. I added a bit of reverb to the wee intro too. The vocals do sound a lot clearer and crisper and way more studio quality.

The only thing wrong with this is that I think the limiter on the master channel has done something to the instrumental and I dont know what it is to fix it. It could be over-compression or some shit.


Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorials

Its day two, and Im up bright and early to get at this mixing. I started with no clue what any effects do at all. Now I have some idea of what I should be aiming for. Ive searched through a lot of You Tube Tutorials and the best Ive found for beginners is this guys videos on his channel.


Its really good, I understand now what exactly your supposed to be aiming for with EQ. He has another video on compression too which is also informative. But he has not mixed any vocals, hopefully with this knowledge I can understand what people on other tutorials are at more easily .

I am mixing the vocals each seperately, the intro, the verses, add libs and hook layers one and two all mixed seperately. FL Studio has all the tools necessary so I am just studying what to do before I get back at it.