Willy Motherfuckin G – Mixing

I’m going to document my progress at this mixing craic here. So here’s the unmixed tune first of all, just a limiter on the master track.


I sacked Ableton 9 Live Lite, it had hardly any plug ins at all. No limiter, No proper EQ, no Gate or whatever the fuck. I loaded up an old version 11 of FL Studio from my old laptop and it seems to have a lot more plug ins, so I am going to get mixing now. There was a limiter already on the master channel when I loaded the instrumental and the vocals in, so it stopped it clipping.

I recorded these vocals in Ableton, then I bounced the stems out one at a time, but also bounced them all out together as well. I just decided to use the all together one to make this rough version. Im not sure my cpu could handle putting effects on all the stems, hopefully it can but we will see soon as I intend to mix the verses, add libs, hook layers and intro all separately for the finished product.

I know the vocals in this rough unmixed version sound raw as fuck, but I’m just sticking it up to document progress so you can see the difference in a mixed vocal and a raw one.

I’m using a Rode nt1-A Microphone hooked up to a Scarlett 2i2 usb recording interface. Ive got a kind of small padded guard that goes around the mic, that acts as soundproofing and a pop shield. Im using Abelton 9 Live Lite and FL Studio 11 Producer Edition.

I will post the Accapella on Sound Cloud for free download too for anyone who wants to remix this shit.


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