Eminem – Revival Review

The brand new album from Eminem, Revival is out now. 19 tracks long, its a mix of political views, life, and silly songs intertwined with the more serious ones. I had a few listens to it over the past day or two and here’s what I thought of it.

First off , I wasn’t impressed with the lead single ‘Walk on Water’ with Beyonce. It seemed a bit like he could’ve talked about something more interesting than his rap career/status in the game. It doesn’t really have any replay value at all. It definitely could’ve been a bit deeper, subject matter-wise.

In fact, the entire album was a bit disappointing on the first listen. The 2nd and 3rd songs, Believe and Chloraseptic weren’t my taste at all with their almost trap like beats and flows. The Second single, Untouchable, also wasn’t very good to me. The beat was kind of shit, and while the subject matter was certainly relevant today, I just wasn’t impressed. Eminem has to top his previous albums in my eyes, which isn’t an easy task because they are very good.

He teamed up with Ed Sheeran for ‘River’, and while a lot of people will hate on him for that, I actually enjoyed the song. Its a story, and requires a few listens to take it in. I cant just go on saying things like, its shit compared to ‘Way I Am’ the whole time which may be true but compared to some music out there today its still much better.

The album sounded better on the second listen. I noticed lyricism I missed the first time, and on the third listen I began to enjoy those first songs I wrote off as no good the first listen. It really is beginning to grow on me. But I am an Eminem fan for years now so I am probably biased.

Theres a few songs on here like track 7 ‘Remind Me’ where hes rhyming about his love of women, with a fat rock riff on the beat, that definitely grew on me. He has some decent rhymes in there the more you listen. ‘Heat’ is another one like that, that’s quite enjoyable.

He is dissing trump and speaking on subjects like the Military and Charlottesville on the all American anthem ‘Like Home’ with Alicia Keys. I’d imagine if your an American you would enjoy that one.

One song I cant stand is ‘Bad Husband’. The hook just does my head in, its so annoying, I really don’t like it at all. Its a horrible Chorus. The verses are good though, rhymes about his ex wife Kim, you may remember her from the song ‘Kim’ off a previous album, a murder ballad where he takes her out into a forest and strangles her. The mature Em doesn’t rap about that stuff anymore, and this is a more sober insight into their relationship. But still, I fucking hate that chorus.

One song I find sounds hilarious is ‘Framed’. A ‘Making a Murderer’ style story is complimented by the very strange chorus about being framed for these killings he is rapping about, sounding very funny.

Among the rest of the songs he does a duet with Pink, and remixes the Cranberries song ‘Zombie’. One of my favorite tunes, is good to hear Eminem spitting on it. A bit of a funny album song is ‘Offended’ , where hes just going on like he does rhyming in a light hearted way,  The last two songs ‘Castle’ and ‘Arose’ are a deeper look into his life, his family relationships and all.

Overall, It was disappointing at first but is growing on me. Certainly not his best work, but better than ‘Encore’ was. Not up there will the likes of ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’.

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