New Freestyles

Ive just dropped a freestyle called ‘Eternal Inferno’.


I was writing it for the Steemit Rap Challenge but it was too long so I decided to put it on this beat Ive had for ages. I wanted to talk about stuff nobody else is, and Im reading a book at the moment full of how the bible is steeped in ancient astrology and all. Depending on the response Ill probably write more stuff like this.

I also dropped Week 3 of the Termite MC Challenge today, which is a bit more lighthearted and fun. Its just sick rhymes because I feel like the Termite Challenge gives me the change to say whatever I want and be creative with it.


I really enjoyed creating that, and I hope you enjoy listening. There are more freestyles on the way, with the Steemit Rap Challenge coming by Friday so keep your eyes peeled!


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