Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?

Whats up people? I havent done one of these in a while as you may have noticed. But I had to resurrect this series when I heard these guys. These 2 Korean MCs from America, collectively known as Year of the Ox, are killing it! I found their stuff on YouTube the other day when it auto-played after a few different videos. The fast flows in parts caught my attention, so I looked them up in the search and I have been listening to them ever since.

Heres their most popular video with over a million hits on You Tube, Seven Rings:


Its not just the cool flows that is dope, their lyrics are sick too. It took me a good few listens to catch everything they’re saying and get a sense of what they’re on about. Definite replay value. Its cool to see 2 Korean dudes ripping it up with Illmatic flows, its something different. Hope you enjoy it!

Once again, thanks for reading. I’ve been Willy G

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