Abusing your syllables?

Whats up people! Another day another Dollar. I saw this video the other day, while I was investigating rap styles and pointers and tips. This guy has some good videos, but I dont agree with him on a lot of stuff.

For example, in this video he is talking about over-using and abusing syllables in your verses. Too much syllables, can it be a bad thing? I personally dont think so. He gives an example in the middle of a scheme with too many syllables and I think it sounds ill as fuck!

What do you think? I would like to hear from you, drop a comment below and let me know. I would rather have mad syllables and be a bit abstract than have a nursery rhyme scheme. I actually refrain from using any simple one syllable rhymes on purpose, maybe on the rough first draft of a verse I might, but I always figure out a way to cram more syllables into the final product.

Im not knocking anyone that use simpler rhymes to get their point across, its just my style to be mad lyrical with it. Heres the video:


If your trying to be lyrical, using simple rhymes wont cut it. Then theres MCs who emphasise a different rhyme on the first syllable, like ‘I puff the weed-smoke, till Im on death-row playing bin-go’ and shit like that, I dont like that at all. It sounds whack to me. Youd need to be rhyming the syllables right like ‘I puff the weed-smoke, so I have been- broke, like an arm if you crash on the ski-slope’. You get me? Maybe its just personal preference. Let me know what you think.

If its a big long pile of syllables you might get away with emphasising a non-rhyming word with the same syllable count though. For example, ‘Im a lyrical killer fuckin a masochist stripper as im dreaming of dinner man ill never be slimmer’. But even then it doesnt sound as good to me as ‘ Im a lyrical killer, with an illiterate stripper, dreamin of eatin this chicken for dinner , i am kissin this slimmer, physique goodbye’. That way all the first syllables rhyme, yet you dont get your point across as well. But its more entertaining and takes more skill to craft these multi-syllables.

I could go on for days about this, but Id rather start a conversation with you about it. Let me know your opinion in the comments below, and once again, thanks for reading!



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