How to become a Six-Figure Musician

I just read a book called Six-Figure Musician. Let me break it down here. I got through it pretty quickly, it was only 250 pages or so, and I enjoyed reading it. The title suggests that it has some good ideas to ensure you get rich with music, but as far as I could see, the title was a bit misleading.

It contained some good advice though. Advice such as, dont try to cater to a huge faceless audience but instead write for your core fans, using Christian Rock bands as an example. They may alienate those of us who arent Christians, but Christians will love them all the more because of it. I found this interesting, and I may put it into practise with my next song.

There was a lot about connecting with fans. That your fan base is very important, for without them you wouldnt get anywhere. Fans buy your music and merch, come to your shows and spread the word. I agree whole-heartedly with this, fans are the reason I do this. The book had some really good ideas on how to interact with fans, such as mailing lists, phone calls, postcards and stuff like that.

How to sell your music and merch, through gigs and setting up a merch table, giving discounts and bundles, even giving your music away free. The author used the example of 100 people buying your music < 1000 people downloading it free, because there is always a way to capitalise on that thousand people if they are into your tunes though merch and gigs.

While it was an enjoying read, it didnt really say much that wasnt common sense. The list of things on the back cover that were supposedly explained inside, ended up being a sentence or two, here and there about them. No real solid plans or in depth explanations. The same ideas were repeated a lot. I was left with some good ideas on how to get into making money with music, but certainly not a blueprint of how to become a Six-Figure Musician.

The author said right off the bat that you need to quit your day job. I dont have a day job so its all good with me. He explained things in regards to Record Labels, and what path to choose in your music career. The fact that he has worked in the music industry for years helped me listen to his suggestions and pay attention to them.

All in all, it gave me some ideas to try out. It was enjoyable to read. The only thing was that the title is a bit misleading, but other than that I would recommend it as it only took a day to read. If your looking for ideas on how to interact more with your fan base then definitely pick it up.

Heres a link to his website where you can buy the book, read the reviews etc.

Six Figure Musician Website

And if you want to check out this video about the book, look no further.


Once again, thanks for reading. I’ve been Willy G.

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