Final Rap Challenge Results (Week 14)

I am disappointed, I didnt place in the top 6 this week. Despite getting 4 mics from Alao, which means the entry was seen as exceptional, the other judges went with different people.

Check out the winners here :

Steemit Rap Challenge Winners

Fairplay to all those who won, it was well deserved. The skill level is high on Steemit. But week 15 is a new week! Where I am determined to get in the top 6 once again.

If I can figure out what Im doing wrong, or what others are doing better than me, I will stand a better chance. I am going to scrutinise the winning entries and compare them to my stuff and see what went wrong this week. I have been steadily improving my delivery too, something I didnt even know was messed up before I entered this contest. The judges feedback is valuable, it has me improving which is the most important thing.

Heres my Week 14 Entry for those who missed it:


My week 15 entry will be up as soon as the beats are released and I get it written and recorded, Im really going to spend time on it this week so it may be a day or two. Thanks for reading, Peace!

Willy G

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