Deconstructing Rap Techniques

Ive recently been trying to improve my style with rap. For a good while I was convinced I had found the sickest formula, I didnt quite know what I was doing but I knew it sounded good. Then I entered this Steemit Rap Challenge, and started posting on Rap Pad and Rap Royalty forums, looking for feedback. I was getting nowhere so I thought maybe I am wrong that my style is perfect.


I started getting comments like, ‘Delivery is off’ and ‘Nice flow, just fix the delivery’. I realised then I was hitting the beat with the rhyme right before the snare, so as one of the Steemit judges observed, I was getting ahead of the beat. I thought it sounded good before, and was in the habit of doing it to make room for the next line, and concentrating on bouncing off the kicks in my flow.

Ive got a lot of comments commending my flow, so I dont yet fully understand how my delivery can be off but flow can be on point. Its a learning process. I have tried double time flows, and when I do them I usually have a better delivery since whatever way my brain works, the extra syllables help me stay on beat more.

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Ive read about hitting early and hitting late, on the snare. I think the general consensus Ive come across so far is the later the better. A lot of grime is hitting more on the kicks though which is what I mustve been influenced by. But Im trying to find the best sound possible so I am experimenting a lot now with it, the more I write, the better the delivery gets and the more it sticks.

I found this video on You Tube and I really enjoyed it. Its basically deconstructing different MCs styles throughout history. It shed a lot of light on technique and things I was overlooking. I am dying to find more videos like this, so if you know of any please dont hesitate to drop a comment below and let me know, or use the contact page and shoot me an email about it.


Irish Hip Hop is still finding its style. Im curious to know what other artists processes are, what techniques you use and how you count bars and shit. If you feel like comparing how you rhyme, let me know below in the comments.


I am a student of the culture, and Im writing my debut album so I want this shit to be fire, over the next while Ill be studying everything I can get my hands on to do with style and technique. Ill be listening to every album I can find, looking for peoples interpretation of the subject matter and just getting a fresh perspective on the art.

Ive went too long just passively listening to songs, scribbling random verses, not really thinking of the impact it has, the technique behind it and the art of the rhyme. Expect an improvement in my music the more I learn and get ready for some ill shit.

Thanks for reading!

Willy G

Final Rap Challenge Results (Week 14)

I am disappointed, I didnt place in the top 6 this week. Despite getting 4 mics from Alao, which means the entry was seen as exceptional, the other judges went with different people.

Check out the winners here :

Steemit Rap Challenge Winners

Fairplay to all those who won, it was well deserved. The skill level is high on Steemit. But week 15 is a new week! Where I am determined to get in the top 6 once again.

If I can figure out what Im doing wrong, or what others are doing better than me, I will stand a better chance. I am going to scrutinise the winning entries and compare them to my stuff and see what went wrong this week. I have been steadily improving my delivery too, something I didnt even know was messed up before I entered this contest. The judges feedback is valuable, it has me improving which is the most important thing.

Heres my Week 14 Entry for those who missed it:


My week 15 entry will be up as soon as the beats are released and I get it written and recorded, Im really going to spend time on it this week so it may be a day or two. Thanks for reading, Peace!

Willy G