New Album in the works

Im sitting here, with about 45 brand new Steve D beats. Im listening to them, coming up with some ideas. This album is going to be completely clean, no cursing or drug references or anything like that. I really enjoy rapping filth but the aim is to get on radio with this one.

Its going to take me a good while to write this album. What I think Ill do is write a song to every beat, then pick the best 20 or whatever to release. The beats are quality, and I have some ideas already so all I have to do is get started writing rhymes.

The beats are all original too, so we will be able to sell the album, unlike my Streets Talkin’ and Overcome projects which are strictly for promotional purposes. We are going to go all out, make sure this album is quality from start to finish. The type of songs you can relate to, speaking truth and keeping it real. We will be promoting the hell out of it, getting it on Itunes and all that good stuff, sending it to DJs and maybe even getting some professional copies printed up.

Promotional projects aside, this will be my debut album so Im going to make sure its a good one.

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