The Steemit Rap Challenge

The Steemit Rap Challenge was started by record label Adsactly Records, on the platform Steemit, to bring the hip hop community of that website together. Steemit is explained Here.

I have been entering the competition for a few weeks now, the entries can be found on my You Tube Channel, heres a playlist of them below:


I came 5th last week, but only because there was only 5 people competing, this week I gained exceptional status, but didnt make the top 6. You can see all the entries below at the link:

Steemit Rap Challenge Review

And if you only want to see the best of the best, heres the winners:

Steemit Rap Challenge Winners

And if you want to follow me on Steemit, check out my blog there :

Scribbling Willy Steemit Blog

I am enjoying entering this contest, every week is a challenge and it is motivating too, keeping my skills sharpened and its good fun seeing my competition enter each week. I am enjoying climbing the ranks until I one day take the number one spot.

Fuck Donald Trump

I was just looking through my videos and found this gem from a ‘The Game’ concert I went to last year. He started chanting Fuck Donald Trump, and naturally, everyone joined in!


The anti-Trump spirit continued into the night, with a lot of fuck Donald Trump chants erupting throughout the concert, it was great craic!

Heres our song, Donald Trump is Gay, if you want our opinion on the topic :