Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?

This time were going to look at a few MCs I have been a fan of for a long time, but who are still putting out music regularly and killing it with every release. These MCs talent are above the norm in my opinion, they have raised the bar to a height others struggle to reach,

First up is Kxng Crooked fka Crooked I. I first heard of him through his Hip Hop Weekly series he did a few years ago, where he released a freestyle over a well known beat every week online for free. After this I learned he was on Death Row with 2pac and all, downloaded tonnes of his music and I have been bumping it since. The man has undeniable skills!

He teamed up with Statik Selektah recently to form Statik Kxng, and one of my favourite joints off that album is I Hear Voices. Check it out :


Second up is the Horseshoe Gang, they are actually Kxng Crookeds brothers, and the 4 of them have been killing it for years. I first heard them rap on one of Crookeds projects, and they brought that fire! That was years ago, but they have stuck at it, releasing a mixtape a month for an entire year recently. You can find them online, Mixtape Monthly the series is called, all free.

One of my favourite songs theyve done is the COB Cypher 2012, where they team up with fellow members of the Circle of Bosses ( A collective Kxng Crooked started ) to kill these beats! Horseshoe Gang are on another level with these fast paced flows and metaphors.


Lastly, is an MC from Portland called Illmaculate. I first heard of this guy through the WRC (World Rap Championships) that were online years ago, where he and a fellow MC called Thesaurus teamed up to defeat everyone they came up against, winning the Championship. Illmac is a well known battle rapper and has been winning titles in the sport ever since, his most recent title being Canadian Battle League King of the Dot Champion. He can fairly kill it with his rhymes, his syllable games on point and he always has fresh rhymes I enjoy with every project he puts out.

Most recently, he has started a series called Raising the Bar, where he just goes in on a Chase Moore beat, no hook just straight bars. The series is really entertaining and fresh and Im enjoying it so far, but it my favourite verse of his comes from a Team Backpack cypher he did. Illmac spits the last verse in this video, and it has to be the coolest verse Ive heard in ages.


Thats it for this instalment of Whos Killing It. Thanks for checking it out, and if you feel like it drop a comment or share it, let me know if your feeling these MCs too.


Gerard i2 in Masons Last Night

I was honoured to open the gig with some rhymes on the open mic last night, along with fellow MC Spud. I thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish. Shane Deane and the DizzFunktional BMC killed the mic with a set that had the place bouncing, especially when Feel the Funk came on!

i2 tore up the place with his usual style of ill flows, nice rhymes and spectacular beats! The new shit was very good too, with i2 almost suffering a heart attack after spitting the first verse of This is, so many syllables!

The turnout wasnt the best though, that was the only thing wrong with last night. We could have used a bigger crowd, but massive respect to everyone who did turn out for the show, I had the pleasure of meeting some new people which I enjoyed.

The open mic at the end was good craic too, with Spud showing a real improvement in his ability to rhyme in front of a crowd on stage, he really put on a good performance.

All in all, it was a great night for Irish Hip Hop, hearing the rhymes and the beats pumping out from a local pub is always good. Despite the lack of a big crowd, all the MCs brought their A game and made it a memorable night.