Overcome Mixape

I have got a mixtape in production, produced entirely by InsaneBeatz, its going to be a free download, heres the tracklist:

1.livin my life
2.reach out
3.new future
4.monsters part 2
5.nursery rhymers
6.the darkness


There are some demo versions of a few of the songs online already. Find them below:

Heres the first song off the mixape, Mixed and Mastered by Shane Deane:

Its just a tune exploring my personal issues in life, I wrote it to get some shit off my chest.

Heres Nursery Rhymers:

This is a tune with many layers. First off,its a diss against shit MCs, that are disgracing the scene. Secondly its a representation of what I would say to my worst enemy. Thirdly, it is a portrayal of what a Schizophrenic voice in your head would be saying to you all day, every day if you were psychotic.

Lastly is Overcome, incase that last song was too much for you , this is more uplifting:

This is a song for anyone suffering from mental illness, encouraging patients to fight and strive to recover.

The project itself is a journey to hell and back. Youll be taken from my life now, to back in the day, into a gritty tale of murder and pain. Youll be given a glimpse into the mental hospital from a patients perspective. I raise awareness for a new drug policy and describe the pain felt when you loose someone to drugs too, I touch upon politics and urge us to move forward toward a new future. But through it all, you can overcome.


Social Media, Likes vs Views

I am unemployed, so I spend most of my time online on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress etc. I have noticed some things about the whole setup that have me questioning it. I will explore the whole thing here, and hopefully get some answers.

First of all, I run a few pages on Facebook. I have my Fresh Eire page with Steve D, thats our band. Then I have my solo Willy G page for my own music, thats seperate from Fresh Eire. Then I have my blog page, Scribbling Willy. And on top of that, my Willys Garden Page too from my brief gardening career that lasted a month or so during the summer…

Fresh Eire have almost 500 likes on Facebook. Were doing pretty well like, Willy G only has 130 or so though but its still growing. Scribbling Willy and Willys Garden dont have much, under a hundred anyway. But out of that fanbase, a minimal amount of people who have liked the page, and follow the page, actually respond to, take the time to check out, click on the posts we put up. I would post a new song, out of almost 500 people, I would get maybe one like on it, it may have reached up to 50.

This is stupid, Im left asking the question, why have these people liked our page when they dont seem to care about the music? Im very grateful for all those likes, but if they follow the page why dont they engage with us? It could be that most of them arent seeing the posts because of Facebooks algorithms. But the only other option is to put out a paid add, and they dont even seem to do well either. Youd get maybe ten likes from randomers, that have seen the advert on their news feed.

Its a total let down on Facebooks part, giving you the platform to reach fans but once you do have them, most arent even aware of the new stuff your posting. As a struggling musician, hip hop artist, I am not going to be able to pay for an add campaign every day or week and even if I did, the likelihood of getting any more fans is slim, from the results Ive seen so far. So what do I do?

I have thought of a few ways to advertise. One being a competition giving away merchandise or studio equipment, requiring likes and shares to win. Thats one option, although I have to stack cash first to afford it. Another is getting shared by a big page, we have achieved that before with Sickipedia sharing Fresh Eires Donald Trump is Gay song , and we recieved 5000 plays in a few hours,  hopefully it can be done again.

But the thing that is annoying is that I know I have a fan base out there. I am wasting my time posting music to people who dont really care about it, Im talking the maority of the likes on my Willy G page probably just liked it to show support, without having an interest in the music, and I really appreciate it, it got my page off the ground. But theres no point in me giving them music they dont want to hear. My fan base exists, people who would love to hear what I do on the mic, but have no idea I exist at all because I have no clue how to reach them.

The fans who do watch, respect, it keeps me going getting at least some views, knowing Ive reached like a hundred people or whatever. It would be good to hear feedback though from comments and all, to have my fanbase engage with me on social media, I would enjoy that.

Until I get this site up and running properly, Im left Tweeting and Posting stuff to the same people, who are probably getting sick of it, and meanwhile the rest of them dont even know Im posting at all. Its very frustrating trying to get an Irish Rap Career off the ground, mainly because its hardly ever been done before, so people think it cant be. But it will, mark my words. I will keep putting in hard work, online and in the real world of gigs, open mics, festivals etc.

Anyone out there having a similar experience of getting nowhere on Social Media, give this a comment and let us know, if we start a debate on this topic maybe we can all come up with some answers, cheers.