Willy G’s ‘Who’s Killing it’

Welcome to Who’s Killing it, a segment thats going to become a regular thing on this site, where I introduce you to the people whos music I have been personally feeling recently in the game. These are the MCs that inspire me, who I aspire to be on the same level as, who have skills for days in my opinion.

First up, the most recent MC I have found during my web surfing, I think I found this guy on Facebook when one of my friends had liked a post on his band page. Ive recently been trying to branch out and find new talent, sick of listening to the same shit over and over. So I thought Id check out his page, and the first video I found on it was I think this one, the Butterfly Effect Remix, by Mad Squablz. I was blown away by the flow! Check it out before we go any further:

Pure dope, isnt it. The dude has got skills, His flow is killer and his multisyllables are nice like, Ive been listening to his stuff for the past week and it has definite replay value. MCs like this inspire me to write some shit and improve my style in hopes of reaching their level, they are keeping the art alive!

Second is Token. I first heard his stuff ages ago, I dont exactly remember who showed me it, I mightve seen it on Lad Bible on Facebook, his Definition of a Rap Flow Remix. It was so ill that I looked up the rest of his stuff, and found his No Sucka MCs contest entries which were mad lyrical and how he switched up the flow was class to me, definite talent on the mic that again, inspired me to write better. Your gonna have to hear his biggest song if you havent already, its called Doozy.

Now that shit is ill, the starts so fast I still dont know what the fuck he is saying in the first 4 bars, whatever way he put the words together just confuses my brain into mind boggled status. The rest of it , I get, so lyrically intricate, flows switched up so well, and its some fun shit. ‘You reek of has-been , I wreak havoc’, puchlines are inspirational. Tokens still at it, touring with the likes of Hopsin and all now, even doing his own tour. He is on the rise.

Ive got more talent I gotta talk about but I wanna keep this article short, Ill get into more MCs that are spitting fire in the next installment. For now, Ill leave you with this dude Merkules. I found him through one of my friends who I think liked his remixes on You Tube or something, but I listened to a few of them and enjoyed them. He doesnt really switch the flow or go fast like the other two above but he does have fun with the rhymes, and has some really good tunes that I personally can relate to , like this one , ‘I smoke too much , I drink too much, I feel like Im gon’ die!’

The guy singing really goes in in the middle of his verse, I can relate to this too much, its not healthy! Fuck it, you only live once like. I hope you enjoyed this installment of Who’s Killing it, I will be hitting you with another very soon, because I have fuck all else to do! Cheers for reading, and for the support, Peace!

Willy G X Insane Beatz Mixtape

Theres the first song off this new project.

I dont have a name for it yet, but Ive got 10 songs written for it. The Willy G X InsaneBeatz Mixtape is sitting roughly recorded here on my laptop, and its the best work to date from me, in my opinion. There are a few rough songs of it online, namely Nursery Rhymers and Overcome, on my YouTube Channel. These will be re-recorded and remixed as soon as the time comes. The Mixtape will be released on Band Camp and Sound Cloud as well as You Tube.

Producer InsaneBeatz is offering a free beats package if you sign up to his websites newsletter. I did so and got 4 folders full of beats for free, to use for non profit songs. Its such a good thing when you have that many beats to write to, and I enjoyed spending many days over the past few months writing songs to his instrumentals.

I touch upon sensitive subjects such as drug addiction in this project. I ask why drug users are treated as criminals and encourage listeners to change the way the world works, exploring what options we have to move forward with.  I get political, urging us all to leave the past behind for a new future, something which has been happening in Northern Ireland recently, but Brexit might reverse.

I have scripted a fictional story of betrayal, drugs and murder. A look into the gritty streets of the city, an exploration of the motives that could drive any one of us to seek revenge. I of course have Nursery Rhymers, a disrespectful venting session where I lyrically murder all those I cant stand! In the rap game and in real life. For anyone who survives the listen without getting completely insulted I have overcome, a motivational song full of advice and help for anyone feeling down, depressed or wishing it was all over.

Thats just a glimpse at the project, there is much more topics I touch upon in it. I am very proud of the mixtape so far and I am dying to get it out there for you all to hear. I have to thank all my fans and everyone who shows me support by watching my videos, commenting, liking and sharing them, and a special shout out to those who visit my website and read my blog. Thanks for the support, if you want to get in touch for any reason, fill out the form on the contact page of this site and I will get back to you.

Willy G X Insane Beatz Mixtape coming soon.