Gerard i2 in Masons Friday



Gerard i2 is a well known and well respected Irish Hip Hop Artist from Strabane. He never fails to disappoint with his new releases online, and brings unrivalled energy to his live shows, often accompanied by a drummer to give a little extra hit to the rhythm of the rap. It works very well, and I have to say Ive enjoyed every show of i2s Ive been to. Check out one of my favourite EPs of his, Out on The… below:

He will be playing in Masons this Friday the 15th of September, accompanied by The DizzFunktional BMC and Shane Deane, of North West Hip Hop. These lads know how to kill a mic, both from Derry they have been representing for years, releasing songs on YouTube and gigging all over the place. They are the ones to watch in Derry, they are building the scene. Check out their Music Video for their song Throne below:

Gerard i2, The DizzFunktional BMC and Shane Deane will be putting on an unforgettable show this Friday in Masons, its only 3 pounds in at the door, and drinks are 2.50 all night so if your in the mood for some Irish Hip Hop done right, get yourself down on the night, you wont regret it! I intend to be there supporting the scene these guys are building with every show, and enjoying a good nights Craic!


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