My Banana the video

We were planning on releasing a wee animated video for our song my banana, we enlisted the help of a team of freelancers to animate it, at a steal of a price, and we were really excited about it. The first drawings were of a sleazy banana and the plan was that he would walk down the street rapping the lyrics to random girls and getting slapped, but would eventually pull a girl who was a donut and they’d both walk off into the sunset together. But problems arose with the first stage of animation. We weren’t happy at all with the shoddy animation, but decided to see what the next stage of progress would bring. This was also disappointing and we eventually decided to scrap the project all together. At such a good price we weren’t expecting brilliance but what we got was well below average. Fear not though ! We may possibly be shooting a proper music video for the song in the coming weeks, all going well so keep your eyes peeled for updates, cheers.

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