Writer’s Block

Its infuriating. Any artists out there know their worst enemy, writers block. It can strike at any time, and when it does it is guaranteed to fry your head big time. I am currently suffering from it at the moment. Fuck writers block!

Rap is supposed to be fun, impulsive and inspirational. I love writing rhymes when I hear an MC who is killing it, I always want to write something as good as them, it really inspires me. Most of my rhymes are written on an impulse, if I am feeling an idea or a topic or if I just want to rap, thats usually what gets me writing. If I have a good beat or want to remix something, I usually sit for a few hours writing a song until its ready to go then I record it.

Writers block starts to sink in when there is a deadline on a project, or I have to write something for someone. It sucks all the fun out of it and it starts to feel like work. Or if I get the notion that this song has to be perfect, I usually shy away from writing it for ages because I must subconsciously think its going to suck and wont be perfect so I put it off. I would be terrible at writing if I was signed to a label. I cant meet deadlines, I sit down when its time to write and just draw a blank.

I have to be excited about the song to make it any good, otherwise I feel  like Im just going through the motions and ask myself, ‘Whats the point?’ and give up. Hoping that inspiration will strike soon. Its really annoying because I love writing so when it happens it just lowers my mood and I start feeling useless.

Sometimes its too hard to write if I have to stick to a certain topic, others, the possibilities are too endless to choose which avenue to take with the song. I dont fully understand my process at all, all I know is that writers block is a bitch. I suppose I have to be in the mood to write in the first place, but even then I have to get in ‘the zone’ somehow and Im not sure how that happens.

Its all a mystery to me, I just hope that I get back in the zone soon so I can write these songs and get them released!

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