Ultimate Instrumentals



If you are an MC, like me, you are probably searching the internet high and low for beats to rap on, maybe you have a few pound spare to buy some but your not finding the right sound, you want something thatll help you stand out from the crowd. Those trap beats on You Tube just arent your thing, boom bap is cool but too many people do it. Your looking for something different, original and unique.

If so , youve got to check out Ultimate Instrumentals. My good mate Steve D has been making beats for years now, and Ive had the pleasure of rapping on them numerous times. Ive made some really good songs that Im very proud of with his beats, and if you want to do the same, this is your opportunity! He has started the Ultimate Instrumentals website to give any Mcs/Rappers,singers, anyone looking for a good beat to rock on, a chance to do so.

The beats are really cool, only the best of what Steve has made so far, and at a good price too. If you want to check them out , heres the link below:

Ultimate Instrumentals

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