The Streets Talkin’ EP is Out Now!

I had a blast writing this, and previewing it at many open mic nights in Derry, Let’s Party was a crowd favourite, sparking uproars of applause and cheers every time I performed it. Its definitely a favourite of mine too, the party rhymes are good fun to write, rap and listen to.

I was working on this EP for the past year, just randomly recording tunes to any beats I was feeling enough to write something to. I must have written like 20 songs but Steve and I chose the best 6 to release, because its quality not quantity that we are aiming for.

Walking Home was a very personal one about a past relationship that ended to soon, and just me remembering how it made me feel, and letting her know I am grateful for the time we spent together. I revisited this theme on Waves too, because when I heard the Mr.Probz song the producer remixed, it reminded me of exactly how I felt at that time, pure lost just drifting, I know a lot of people out there can relate to it.

Chillin came after Lets Party, I was so happy with how the chorus sounded on Lets Party that I wanted to sing another one, and keep the party spirit alive with it. I tired some different kinds of rhymes I wasnt sure would work or not like ‘Reach to the sky like growing plants’ and a couple of other lines in there that are different to the usual style. Im happy how it turned out though.

Spit Shine is me getting lyrical, I wrote it the same way I wrote Nursery Rhymers off my upcoming WillyGxInsaneBeatz project, I ‘Stacked Ammo’ as Eminem has described it. This is basically just concentrating on what rhymes best, writing out lists upon lists of rhymes and trying to get the dopest possible rhyme schemes down before piecing them together in the verses. I think it works well to give a lyrically iller finished product than , say, just writing a verse on its own.

You Can Hate Me is me getting aggressive. I was sick of hearing shots fired in Irish Mcs songs and wondering if they were about me or not, I could never fully tell. Like if your going to diss me just say my name, enough of this subliminal shit. So it pissed me off so much that I vented with this tune. I cant say any names because they may not even have been dissing me so I would look like a fool. So I decided to just diss everyone that talks shit about me, a kind of warning not to be such a prick if you are talking shit about me, since I will end your career when I find out , haha.

I had to release this material because otherwise, whats the point in writing it? Now I have my InsaneBeatz project on the way too which is even better than this. It is my best work to date, touching on everything from Drug addiction to politics, The Irish Scene, Murder and the mental health system. It will be released sometime before christmas. Then Im taking a step back from using american beats to focus on the homegrown talent right here in Ireland, so expect to hear me on a lot of local beats in the new year!

Thanks for reading and showing support, I really appreciate it to the fullest! Respect.

Willy G