Steemit Rap Challenge


The website Steemit is good for making money, since I started I have made like 3 dollars. Its not much but its more than Ive ever made on You Tube or Band Camp in all my years of rapping. Ive never tried to make money, but this Steemit site is making me want to make more, hopefully its the start of something good.

There is a rap challenge on there for MCs to enter. The judges (Adsactly Records) provide a selection of beats to choose from each week and rappers record their freestyles and enter it, with the chance of winning Steem Dollars, which is the currency used on the site. Its a good way to keep your skills sharp and reach the Steemit audience, while making some money.

I have been entering for the past few weeks and i am gradually climbing the ranks. I think I am getting better with each week and while I thought I was one of the best, I scored low to start with and it was really sobering. I know Im not a rap master, but I also know that I have the potential to be.

I hope to rank in the top 5 this week with this verse Ive written, I put a good bit of time into it and Im very proud of it. The only thing that stands in my way is the accent. Its an american based competition. But I have provided lyrics with it hoping that helps. I am determined to out rap myself every following week until I win, You can follow my progress Here On Steemit.

And get this weeks verse in Studio Quality for free download on my Sound Cloud below :


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