Willy G Bio

Willy G is a Hip Hop Artist from Donegal, Ireland. He started writing rhymes at the age of 12 and has been at it ever since, you could say he is addicted to it.

At 12, it was Will Smiths song ‘Men in Black’ that got him into writing, as he copied every lyric down in a notepad to rap along with.

He got more serious about it when his uncle bought him Eminem’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ and he was blown away by the content and rhyme scheme complexity of it.

He released various songs recorded on a cheap microphone that he screamed into during his early teens, but over the years he bought new equipment and lowered his voice so the quality improved.

Around 18 years of age, he formed a group called Restless Ambitions with fellow MCs Mugsy, B-Koz and D.C., but around the time Gerard i2 ( A well known MC and producer from Strabane, Northen Ireland) joined the group, Willy was diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis and so split from the group and began a decade long struggle with Mental illness.

Willy was in and out of hospital for years, between times he formed a new group called Fresh Eire with MC/Producer Steve D. Through all this time, willy kept writing and releasing songs online, eventually recording 2 EPs with Steve D and an EP of his own too.

After a long battle with what was eventually diagnosed as Schizophrenia, Willy has got the treatment sorted, with intra-muscular injections and tablets keeping the symptoms at bay, he has managed to stay out of hospital for the past few years.

With this in mind, he is ready to make his mark in the rap game, and make up for lost time. With a new EP called ‘Streets Talkin’ on the way soon, followed by a new Fresh Eire album, ‘Irish Madmen’, Willy is back on top of things, determined to make good music for people to enjoy.

Streets Talkin and Irish Madmen will be followed by a free mixtape with producer ”Insane Beatz’,  and then Fresh Eire are releasing a Rock EP. With many more Remixes and Freestyles in the works, along with numerous projects, this will be an exciting year for Willy G fans!

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