New Releases: ‘I’m the One Remix, Ballistica, Walkin’ Home’

There is some new Willy G music out now! I have been a busy man! I’ve got the DJ Khaled ‘I’m the One’ Remix fully mixed and mastered by Steve D, and have released it on soundcloud, listen below!

I was just sick of hearing that overplayed Justin Beiber shite on the music channels, so i decided to fire some shots at him and his fans, while singing a better melody over the beat too. I mixed in some multi-syllables and humour as well to keep it interesting. There is a video coming soon for this Remix, Steve D and I will be shooting this weekend.

Along with ‘I’m the One’, I have written a new song called Ballistica and put together a wee video for it, check it out below.

Ballistica was written when a branch of NSC (No Copyright Sounds) dropped a comment on one of my Steemit Rap Challenge videos, suggesting I look through their music and use some of it for my page, as it would improve my videos. They were right! I am really happy with this Ballistica Video and Song, its one of my favourites yet!

I’ve also released a video for my new song ‘Walkin’ Home’ off the ‘Streets Talkin’ EP which is dropping this friday. Its an emotional song about a girl I used to go out with, just talking about how much it meant to me to have spent that time with her, and how much it hurt when we split up. Check out the video, put together by Steve D, below.

With all this music coming out this week, you guys are surely delighted and excited for the Streets Talkin’ EP dropping this friday! Featuring the underground hit Let’s Party that has been well received at many open mic nights, youz will finally have it to download on Sound Cloud. And Chillin’ is another good party song, to get the party started with! I’ve got another personal tune about my past relationships with Waves, and I go all out on some lyrical shit on Spit Shine. To top it off I give a big ‘fuck you’ to all the haters on You Can Hate Me. Keep your eyes peeled.

…Oh and I almost forgot, Steve D has done a lyric video for the new Fresh Eire single ‘My Bannana!’ Check it out below, and thanks for taking the time out to show support!!

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