Fresh Eire is pumping out great music!

Fresh Eire is comprised of Willy G and Steve D, hailing from the North West of Ireland (Derry/Donegal) they are a Hip Hop Duo that have been making music for years now.

Willy is the MC , Steves the Producer, but he can rhyme too, as well as singing the hooks.

This week, Steve has made a tonne of beats, and released a few remixes of popular artists songs too. These remixes are bouncing, you can hear what B.O.B would sound like spitting on a Fresh Eire production below!

Along with a B.O.B remix, Steve has put out a remix of Akon’s Beautiful which works really well, you wont find a rock/dance vibe mixed with R & B anywhere else! Check it out below!

Along with those two cracker tunes, Steve has Remixed Rihanna’s tune Diamonds too! I personally think it sounds even better than the origional! Youll appreciate it most on big speakers, check it out below!

If you enjoyed these remixes, you can find tonnes of Steve’s beats on Beat Stars , where you can purchase them to use in your own songs and give your lyrics some power behind them! I personally vouch for this lad, his beats are top notch quality, they’ve got an unrivalled originality and just sound epic! So check them out Here on Beat Stars.

Fresh Eire are working on their Debut Album ‘Irish Madmen’ which is currently in production, and will feature such hits as ‘Fat Fuck’ and ‘Fists in the Air’ along with ‘Murder Mystery Part 2’ to name but a few. Check out the Album artwork below, and thanks for taking the time out to show support!


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