How to become a Six-Figure Musician

I just read a book called Six-Figure Musician. Let me break it down here. I got through it pretty quickly, it was only 250 pages or so, and I enjoyed reading it. The title suggests that it has some good ideas to ensure you get rich with music, but as far as I could see, the title was a bit misleading.

It contained some good advice though. Advice such as, dont try to cater to a huge faceless audience but instead write for your core fans, using Christian Rock bands as an example. They may alienate those of us who arent Christians, but Christians will love them all the more because of it. I found this interesting, and I may put it into practise with my next song.

There was a lot about connecting with fans. That your fan base is very important, for without them you wouldnt get anywhere. Fans buy your music and merch, come to your shows and spread the word. I agree whole-heartedly with this, fans are the reason I do this. The book had some really good ideas on how to interact with fans, such as mailing lists, phone calls, postcards and stuff like that.

How to sell your music and merch, through gigs and setting up a merch table, giving discounts and bundles, even giving your music away free. The author used the example of 100 people buying your music < 1000 people downloading it free, because there is always a way to capitalise on that thousand people if they are into your tunes though merch and gigs.

While it was an enjoying read, it didnt really say much that wasnt common sense. The list of things on the back cover that were supposedly explained inside, ended up being a sentence or two, here and there about them. No real solid plans or in depth explanations. The same ideas were repeated a lot. I was left with some good ideas on how to get into making money with music, but certainly not a blueprint of how to become a Six-Figure Musician.

The author said right off the bat that you need to quit your day job. I dont have a day job so its all good with me. He explained things in regards to Record Labels, and what path to choose in your music career. The fact that he has worked in the music industry for years helped me listen to his suggestions and pay attention to them.

All in all, it gave me some ideas to try out. It was enjoyable to read. The only thing was that the title is a bit misleading, but other than that I would recommend it as it only took a day to read. If your looking for ideas on how to interact more with your fan base then definitely pick it up.

Heres a link to his website where you can buy the book, read the reviews etc.

Six Figure Musician Website

And if you want to check out this video about the book, look no further.


Once again, thanks for reading. I’ve been Willy G.

New Rap Contest

Yo whatsup, I just found this new rap contest:

One Take Contest Website

It looks like a promising contest where you can win over a grand! I think the winners for this year are already chosen. but theres always next year! I will definitely be entering the next chance I get to win some money, and I urge all you other MCs out there to do the same!

New Termite MC Challenge!

Hows it going? I just found another Rap Challenge on Steemit to enter, but this ones different. The winner is based on the amount of upvotes they get! So if you have a Steemit account, can you vote for me? Heres the thread:

Steemit Termite MC Challenge!

Check out the rest of the entries, they are all pretty good. Ive got some stiff competition!

Im searching for rap contests to enter, its my new favourite thing to do.

Heres my entry :

Deconstructing Rap Techniques

Ive recently been trying to improve my style with rap. For a good while I was convinced I had found the sickest formula, I didnt quite know what I was doing but I knew it sounded good. Then I entered this Steemit Rap Challenge, and started posting on Rap Pad and Rap Royalty forums, looking for feedback. I was getting nowhere so I thought maybe I am wrong that my style is perfect.


I started getting comments like, ‘Delivery is off’ and ‘Nice flow, just fix the delivery’. I realised then I was hitting the beat with the rhyme right before the snare, so as one of the Steemit judges observed, I was getting ahead of the beat. I thought it sounded good before, and was in the habit of doing it to make room for the next line, and concentrating on bouncing off the kicks in my flow.

Ive got a lot of comments commending my flow, so I dont yet fully understand how my delivery can be off but flow can be on point. Its a learning process. I have tried double time flows, and when I do them I usually have a better delivery since whatever way my brain works, the extra syllables help me stay on beat more.

download (2)

Ive read about hitting early and hitting late, on the snare. I think the general consensus Ive come across so far is the later the better. A lot of grime is hitting more on the kicks though which is what I mustve been influenced by. But Im trying to find the best sound possible so I am experimenting a lot now with it, the more I write, the better the delivery gets and the more it sticks.

I found this video on You Tube and I really enjoyed it. Its basically deconstructing different MCs styles throughout history. It shed a lot of light on technique and things I was overlooking. I am dying to find more videos like this, so if you know of any please dont hesitate to drop a comment below and let me know, or use the contact page and shoot me an email about it.


Irish Hip Hop is still finding its style. Im curious to know what other artists processes are, what techniques you use and how you count bars and shit. If you feel like comparing how you rhyme, let me know below in the comments.


I am a student of the culture, and Im writing my debut album so I want this shit to be fire, over the next while Ill be studying everything I can get my hands on to do with style and technique. Ill be listening to every album I can find, looking for peoples interpretation of the subject matter and just getting a fresh perspective on the art.

Ive went too long just passively listening to songs, scribbling random verses, not really thinking of the impact it has, the technique behind it and the art of the rhyme. Expect an improvement in my music the more I learn and get ready for some ill shit.

Thanks for reading!

Willy G

Final Rap Challenge Results (Week 14)

I am disappointed, I didnt place in the top 6 this week. Despite getting 4 mics from Alao, which means the entry was seen as exceptional, the other judges went with different people.

Check out the winners here :

Steemit Rap Challenge Winners

Fairplay to all those who won, it was well deserved. The skill level is high on Steemit. But week 15 is a new week! Where I am determined to get in the top 6 once again.

If I can figure out what Im doing wrong, or what others are doing better than me, I will stand a better chance. I am going to scrutinise the winning entries and compare them to my stuff and see what went wrong this week. I have been steadily improving my delivery too, something I didnt even know was messed up before I entered this contest. The judges feedback is valuable, it has me improving which is the most important thing.

Heres my Week 14 Entry for those who missed it:


My week 15 entry will be up as soon as the beats are released and I get it written and recorded, Im really going to spend time on it this week so it may be a day or two. Thanks for reading, Peace!

Willy G

New Album in the works

Im sitting here, with about 45 brand new Steve D beats. Im listening to them, coming up with some ideas. This album is going to be completely clean, no cursing or drug references or anything like that. I really enjoy rapping filth but the aim is to get on radio with this one.

Its going to take me a good while to write this album. What I think Ill do is write a song to every beat, then pick the best 20 or whatever to release. The beats are quality, and I have some ideas already so all I have to do is get started writing rhymes.

The beats are all original too, so we will be able to sell the album, unlike my Streets Talkin’ and Overcome projects which are strictly for promotional purposes. We are going to go all out, make sure this album is quality from start to finish. The type of songs you can relate to, speaking truth and keeping it real. We will be promoting the hell out of it, getting it on Itunes and all that good stuff, sending it to DJs and maybe even getting some professional copies printed up.

Promotional projects aside, this will be my debut album so Im going to make sure its a good one.

Steemit Rap Challenge Results

This week I managed to gain 4 mics, which is exceptional status. Alao Reviewed the entries, he is one of 3 judges. His Review is up now on Steemit below:

Alao’s Steemit Rap Challenge Review

Just have to wait now to see what the other two judges say Tomorrow, when the final results are announced, but its looking hopeful that I might get in the top 5.

Everyone else brought their A game, sounds good all across the board, except for that one guy who didnt really rap more than two lines…

Heres my entry:

Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?

Whos Killing It in the game these days? In my opinion, the underground has the best MCs with the most skill, because money isnt deciding who your hearing, unlike the mainstream. In the underground someone is going to have to be exceptional to stand out amongst the rest. So heres 3 MCs who have stood out to me recently.

Passionate MC is an ill rhymer, theres no doubt. I recently started watching all the Team Back Pack videos up on You Tube, and I was very entertained. Their cyphers contain the best of the underground in their area, with MCs such as Illmaculate, who we saw in an earlier edition, spitting the slickest rhymes beside other very talented MCs. Passionate MC really kills this first verse on this video with a stunning fast flow, it sounds astoundingly ill. Check it out :


Right off the bat he goes in, just spitting multi-syllable madness! Its just good underground rhymes done well, he has crafted a verse that catches your attention immediately and keeps you entertained, killing it. The rest of the MCs are undeniably good too, it makes for a great video. There are much more of these on their channel too if you want to check them out you wont be disappointed.

Next up, is an MC I have heard a few things from in the past, very conscious and political with his rhymes, this new video is spectacular. No hook, just 200 bars of power! Low-Key is a British MC, who can craft rhymes to paint pictures of his point of view, and he does it really well. His stuff has definite replay value, some of the schemes are so complex your going to have to listen again. Check it out:


Its really deep and introspective, while touching on the culture as a whole too. He is speaking his mind, weighing in on different topics in the world today and giving us a glimpse into his mind state. I have only listened a couple of times yet so I will no doubt gather more and find new stuff I missed the more I listen. A definite work of art.

Lastly, is another British MC. This guy is different. He is describing the gritty streets of Britain, and painting a picture of dealing, and all the struggles that come with it. His flow absolutely kills the menacing piano instrumental, they work well together combined with the content hes speaking on. This is English Frank, Check it out:


I think this is one of the illest Freestyle sessions on record. I wont lie, I listened to it on repeat when I first heard it. He is speaking truth and his persona is real, giving us a glimpse into the underworld of Britain. And the flow is just ill as fuck.

Thats it for this edition of Who’s Killing It? If you have any suggestions of good artists that are killing it right now, drop a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading! I will be back soon with another one, until then , peace!

Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?

Welcome back to Who’s Killing It? Ive been scouring the internet for dope hip hop all week, and I have found a good bit of it that you have got to hear!

These two lads are from England, they recently did a show here in Ireland, well, in Northern Ireland. They played a local festival that a few of my mates went to. One of them shared this video the next day, I checked it out and was astounded by the rhymes! Multi-syllabic flow is my favourite kind, and these rhymes are ill as fuck. Check out Travel the Globe by Phili’N’Dotz below:


The rhymes are clever, with that distinct Underground British Hip Hop feel to them, and they really take you across the globe with the song. I hope they keep pumping out quality like this, because its what I like to hear.

Next up, is Logic. This song is one of the best I have ever heard on an emotional level. I have friends that have fallen victim to suicide, and suicidal thoughts, and just hearing that first hook really hit me hard. Its the first time Ive ever heard someone rap straight up about wanting to die. It got me thinking of all those people out there who can relate, and this song hitting them like it hit me.



The title of the song is the American Suicide hotline, and calls to it skyrocketed after the release of this song. I am really moved by this tune, its about time someone started speaking up about mental health in hip hop. The awareness this will raise and the impact it will have on being able to talk about problems like this with friends, family and Doctors for those people out there suffering is really important.

Lastly, is Reverie. She is a Female MC from America, I just recently found her stuff from the collaborations she did with Shay D, who we saw in the last edition of Who’s Killing It? Reverie is a real MC, just doing her thing, she is really nice with the rhymes and has her own unique style which I really enjoy. She is definitely killing it on this tune with Killah Priest and Kurupt! Check out Moonrockin below:


She really kills it with ill rhymes in this one, shining beside Kurupt and Killah Priest like it was nothing, holding her own and keeping things real. Respect to Reverie for keeping us entertained!

Thats it for this edition of Who’s Killing It? Ill be back soon with a new one, until then, keep her lit. Peace!