Willy G – Streets Talkin Mixtape

streets talkin mixtape cover4

Willy G will be releasing his new Mixtape ‘Streets Talkin’ soon, and it will be available on Sound Cloud for free download, as well as on Band Camp and You Tube. It is an amalgamation of the songs he has been recording over the past two years, and features numerous youtube producers and some famous beats too. You can find the tracklist below:

Willy G – Streets Talkin’ Mixtape (Coming Soon)
1.Lets Party – Prod. Mix LA
2.Waves – Prod. Joey Hamahona
3.Walkin Home – Prod. Outspoken
4.Were Chillin – Prod. Jordan Beats
5.Rap Till the Death – Prod. JR Rotem
6.Say What I Wanna Say – Prod. Jordan Beats
7.You Can Hate Me – Prod. Dr.Dre
8.Streets Talkin – Prod. HH Solid
9.Have You Ever? Prod. Gustav Strazdins
10.Spit Shine – Prod. Karaoke Pop Hits
11.One Day at a Time – Prod. HH Solid
12.X-Rated Flow – Prod. Kyu Tracks
13.To the Top – Prod. Blunted Beatz
14.One, Two – Prod. Beatjunkie Rato
15.Its Gettin to Me – Prod. Pappiyoo

Willy had this to say:

‘I have been putting the work in all week , re-recording the vocals for the different tracks on the mixtape to get them sent off for mixing and mastering, and I really feel like this is going to be a good project. It sounds good raw, so with mixing and mastering on top of that it will be epic.

I just ripped different beats off youtube to fuck around with over the past couple of years, and I was going to scrap the whole thing but I realised that I can release it for free and get a bit of a buzz going. The beats are free for non-profit use so I may aswell put it out there, cuz i have put hours into writing these tunes. and the producers get a bit of the spot light too, it could encourage people to use their beats.

Ive just been experimenting with this mixtape, trying different vibes on songs trying to find my style, so what your left with is a varied album with lots of themes, touching on everything from break ups to the irish hip hop scene, nightmares to parties. i really think the fans will enjoy this one, and when your gettin it for free, whats not to like! ‘